Activision Prepare FPS game Walking Dead

If we are talking about one franchise zombie apocalypse that is now becoming a trend, hence the name Walking Dead certainly deserve to get into one of them. But unlike the zombie-themed comics or movies in general, Walking Dead focuses more on the relationships and interactions of the human survivors compared to accentuate the action side alone. A characteristic that appears to be overhauled by Activision. Absolutely, this one veteran publisher plans to release the game Walking Dead FPS format in the future.


Was not Walking Dead is now adapted into a video game by Telltale? In contrast to the current series that focus more on the side of the story, Activision took Terminal Reality to bring the game Walking Dead that will carry the action which is more pronounced with a first person perspective. You will be given the freedom to choose between this zombie face openly or creep past them. But be careful, because they will be sensitive to light, sound, and smell of your body. Not only that, you will also be required to regulate the use of food, ammunition, and supplies are limited in order to survive.
An FPS game Zombie Apocalypse again? Can Walking Dead proved itself with quality above the average? We’ll wait.

Although the focus in the action, just like the film series The Walking Dead, Activision will also make the interaction between the characters as one of the pillars of this game. Throughout the game, you will meet with the characters for you recruit or ignore. Every choice you make will give significant consequences on the side of the story, which of course will be related to the probability you survive the “doomsday” on this one and get clash of clans hack android.

Walking Dead FPS version will be released for PC, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. We ourselves have not had time to enjoy the movie series, which reportedly is showing a decent quality for this anticipated. But with the growth of The Walking Dead as a franchise in the gaming world, we seem to have to try this one series. Are there any of you who have watched his movie series? Is it good or is it bad? Should we watch it?

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