Battlefield 4 Beta Ready Sign Masa?

Battlefield 3 weapons are EA to beat the dominance of Call of Duty from Activision have not managed to do a good job. With the distance of significant revenue figures, COD for the umpteenth time managed to dominate the market for FPS in the gaming industry. However, a definitive, EA managed to increase the popularity of this franchise unmatchable through a variety of features and quality that must be recognized, much better. To maintain the momentum of the “success” of this, EA even reportedly ready to test the latest series – Battlefield 4 beta period and visit dokkan battle astuce.


This information was leaked after the Origin – EA’s game distribution portal accidentally ran an interesting deals to pre-order the newest FPS game – Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled to be released later this year. Within these ads plastered with a clear bid to enjoy exclusive access to the Battlefield 4 Beta if you pre-order the MOH. The information is of course a direct spreading fast in cyberspace. EA panic, then pulled back ad Battlefield 4 and replaced with BF3 Premium.
With a valid source of information, from the hand of EA itself, no exaggeration to conclude that EA and DICE are now already developing Battlefield 4 and achieving progress that has been almost completed. No developer and publisher who would dare to let customers try out the beta period if the game is not worth playing at all. Seeing the existing cycle, most likely Battlefield 4 will be released in 2013. Battlefield 4? We are looking forward to the truth more Battlefield 2143

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