Capcom Releases Latest Movie Trailer Resident Evil: Damnation

Is there a serial lover RE gamers who really enjoyed the movie Resident Evil that has been overhauled completely by Hollywood? We are sure, most of us would not. The difference in terms of story, character, built up the atmosphere makes this film franchise became one of the biggest blunder ever done Capcom. Therefore, Resident Evil: Damnation may be the only savior for our curiosity will be a Resident Evil movie quality. Absolutely, CGI film being developed by Capcom is finally showing more trailers feast for the eyes.


As a sequel to his first CGI movie is comparatively quite successful – Degenerations, Resident Evil: Damnations still positioned as the main character Leon Kennedy. The threat of zombies and monsters Umbrella’s test results now also seems to extend to a larger scale. There will be plenty of action, gunfire and explosions everywhere, of course with a distinctive style and design visualization RE loved by gamers. Interestingly again? The character of a mysterious woman – Ada Wong will certainly appear in it!

Resident Evil: Damnation will be released in October 2012. DVD and Blu-ray. Which is much more appealing to you? Resident Evil: Damnation CGI or artificial Capcom Resident Evil: Retribution from Hollywood? and visit clash of clans hack online tool

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