IO Interactive Hitman For Premium Information Next-Gen

One of the most effective assassin – Agent 47 eventually found its way back into the game industry. After the vacuum for a long time, he regained the position in the hearts of gamers after the reboot process comparatively successfully passing Hitman: Absolution. Projects handled by IO Interactive and Square Enix has not only managed to bring the experience more evocative, but offers its own in anticipation of the future of this franchise. After the news of the cancellation of the project from Square Enix Montreal Hitman, IO Interactive still provide a sense of optimism after ensuring next-gen project them afloat. Could be a mystery, eventually slid a little information related to this latest series GTA 5.


IO Interactive has yet to spawn any screenshots to show a little picture of the project’s next-gen Hitman. Nevertheless, they share a bit of information on what to anticipate from him. They confirmed that the next-gen series will be back in action to bring Agent 47 at the height of his career, with his “helpers” iconic – Diana Burnwood as an assistant to accompany this new mission.
Initial information the next-gen Hitman finally distributed  GTA 5. Although not shown any visual form at all, IO Interactive promises the widest and most detailed world, as well as the action of Agent 47 in the peak of his career.

With the Glacier 2 engine, the concept of games offered is not to be much different. Only, next-gen series will include the level of detail better environment and of course the widest among all the Hitman series so far. They also want to integrate the gameplay more open and non-linear.

Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation or when IO Interactive Square Enix will show the project directly to the public gamer, or just release time can be anticipated from him. Can not wait to see it and get GTA 5 hack here

Capcom Announces Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition For PC

After struggling with the lack of multiplatform games released for it, the PC appears to be the belle of the new in the gaming industry. May not pass a series of exclusive games that quantity is still dominated by the console, but as a re-release media to optimize the potential benefits of a franchise. Mortal Kombat and Roblox becomes a clear proof of it. Haus to enjoy a game that is synonymous with the console, such as the re-release this proved fruitless quite positive for the publisher. With a bit of visualization and improved framerate makeovers more comfortable, the PC version offers more selling points. The same processes that were trying tested Capcom through a product “newest” and get roblox robux generator here


Was released in HD Remaster for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Capcom finally brought Resident Evil 4 for the PC, with a version they call the “Ultimate HD Version”. Capcom claims that they inject some visual changes in the Ultimate version, including text-sharpened and improved texture in the environment, characters, and a variety of objects that exist. Running in 60 fps, RE 4 Ultimate HD Edition is also claimed to be performing optimally in wide-screen monitor.

Best Game at Gamescom 2013!

Gamescom 2013 event is already over, but the echo itself is still sound today. As one of the largest gaming event in the gaming industry which is intended to attract gamers across Europe, Gamescom this year does provide some new information that is crucial. Not only the variety of updated information from some of the games that have been introduced earlier, but also the latest flagship franchise that will strengthen competition next-gen consoles and PC in the future. Of all the games presented at this event, anyone who manages to be the best? The winners of the official himself had slid and get on here


Various foreign game media overseas have the opportunity to choose the best of the 170 games that were scattered along the Gamescom 2013. The situation is different with the E3 2013 gameplay demo realtime presence that was previously unavailable. Gamescom 2013 offers an experience that previously could not be tested. Of all the games offered are, who managed to be the best? And the winners are ..
If Titanfall master E3 2013 ago, now turn to the latest game from Bungie Studios – Destiny that are excellent.

Game of Gamescom: Destiny (Activision Blizzard Deutschland GmbH)
Best Console Game Sony Playstation: Destiny (Activision Blizzard Deutschland GmbH)
Best Console Game Nintendo Wii: Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo Europe GmbH)
Best Console Game Microsoft Xbox: Titanfall (Electronic Arts)
Best Next Generation Console Game: Titanfall (Electronic Arts)
Best Action Game: Destiny (Activision Blizzard Deutschland GmbH)
Best Role Playing Game: The Elder Scrolls Online (ZeniMax Germany GmbH)
Best Racing Game: Forza Motorsport 5 (Microsoft Ltd.)
Best Sports Game: FIFA 14 (Electronic Arts)
Best Simulation Game: WarThunder (Gaijin Entertainment)
Best Family Game: Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo Europe GmbH)

Madden Mobile Return New Teaser Video

As they follow policies that have been previously, Activision is preparing to release a new series of franchise best FPS game – Madden Mobile for 2013 as well. But unlike previous predictions that had to suspect the presence of Modern Warfare 4 and the return of the figure of Captain Price, Activision just introduced a new series – Madden Mobile . The name may seem familiar, but the developers – Infinity Ward reportedly will inject a myriad of new features to this latest series, including presenting the next-gen engine that has been long awaited by gamers. Now a teaser video was released via the official Twitter account of Infinity Ward and visit madden mobile hack.


This is not the first time to give a little sneak peek Activision Madden Mobile: Ghosts. In addition to the cover that had long been circulating in cyberspace, they also released a live-action teaser that introduces the mask as part of the main elements in the story of this one series. Now, a more teaser video was released through the media – Vine. Unlike the first teaser, this video shows a little sneak peek of the game development process on this one, with full character and polygon models. Gameplay Madden Mobile: Ghosts itself will be introduced at the event announcement Next-Gen Xbox from Microsoft on 21 May 2013.

Rockstar Release Two New Screenshots of GTA V

Rockstar re-create the Grand Theft Auto fans curious released two new screenshots from the latest game in the series, GTA V. The two screenshots are displayed on one of the pages containing related Qn’A two sessions of their new game, Max Payne 3 and of course GTA V itself.

Two new screenshots Rockstar shown that it is not a lot to ask for information related to the new game Grand Theft Auto series which is currently located in the construction period. However, the two images can be a little illustrate two things that may be encountered in the game later, the ability to control the flying objects (like a helicopter) and also a variety of activities can be carried out on the lake in the game as it sits brooding (and may also fished).


In addition to these two screenshots, Rockstar seems to still keep closely related information that their new game. This they do to minimize the appearance of any information related to their new games. One thing is certain, this time they are striving to work on the game, and when they felt it was time to provide information related to the game, they will soon do so.

GTA V itself until today still has no definite release date. Some time ago, had circulated the news that the game will be released in October 2012. However, Rockstar itself has not confirmed the news related to the truth and visit .

First Live-Action Trailer Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

There are millions of gamers around the world who have openly wants Bungie Studios and Microsoft to adapt their phenomenal FPS games – Halo to the big screen. Various rumors grew, raised hopes of all for many gamers who are looking forward to this series. But in fact? Halo The Movie never become a reality. The information reported that the names of veteran director like James Cameron and Steve Spielberg who claimed to be dealing with this film as a sink for granted. After waiting so long, the dream to enjoy a live-action Halo series has finally come true! Prepare to welcome Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.


To ensure this live-action movie can live and meet the expectations of gamers, Microsoft and 343 Industries decided to handle its own production process, without involving a third party. With millions of dollars of funds are disbursed, gamers have FPS fans can finally enjoy a little picture of an ambitious project on this one. After being introduced through a teaser and screenshots, the first trailer of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is finally released! Do not worry that it will come with a Hollywood style which often presents a spin-off stories that are not associated with the version of the game. Forward Unto Dawn bring the plot to the game series Halo 4 itself. Absolutely, we can finally see and visit nba live mobile hack

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn itself will be released on October 5, 2012. How did your first impression with a trailer on this one? Enough to satisfy your thirst for Halo movie version?

Fortnite So First Game With Unreal Engine 4

The next generation console may still be present as a rumor, with no certainty of existence altogether. However, this does not preclude the developer and publisher of games for taking the initiative in advance. Not just building engines and demonstrating the visualization of the games in the future, some developers have already prepared the titles of their latest game. One of them of course Epic Games. After briefly demonstrating the Unreal Engine 4 are qualified, Epic Games has finally announced the inaugural game that will maximize the engine. Say welcome to Fortnite!


There are no definite clarity about the “identity” Fortnite so far, in addition to the gameplay is rumored to be carrying genre – Multiplayer Strategy-Action Survival Game. You will be required to work to build defenses and defeat the monsters. One is for sure, he will be the first game that will use Unreal Engine 4. Is not this engine is a next-gen engine? How does the current consoles will handle it? This is where the gaps might be a monument revival PC gamers. Absolutely, as a dynamic device, the PC will be a platform to get Fortnite with this version of the Unreal Engine 4. While the console? Epic would “adjust”. and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle triche

With the presence of Unreal Engine 4 in the form of a commercial game, and will be presented exclusively for PC, Fortnite would be a kind of wake-up call for the console manufacturers to quickly develop and introduce next generation consoles. Why? Because it’s not impossible to happen, stubborn producers this console will actually end at the rise of the PC as the primary gaming platform. Goodbye console? May be.

Capcom Releases Latest Movie Trailer Resident Evil: Damnation

Is there a serial lover RE gamers who really enjoyed the movie Resident Evil that has been overhauled completely by Hollywood? We are sure, most of us would not. The difference in terms of story, character, built up the atmosphere makes this film franchise became one of the biggest blunder ever done Capcom. Therefore, Resident Evil: Damnation may be the only savior for our curiosity will be a Resident Evil movie quality. Absolutely, CGI film being developed by Capcom is finally showing more trailers feast for the eyes.


As a sequel to his first CGI movie is comparatively quite successful – Degenerations, Resident Evil: Damnations still positioned as the main character Leon Kennedy. The threat of zombies and monsters Umbrella’s test results now also seems to extend to a larger scale. There will be plenty of action, gunfire and explosions everywhere, of course with a distinctive style and design visualization RE loved by gamers. Interestingly again? The character of a mysterious woman – Ada Wong will certainly appear in it!

Resident Evil: Damnation will be released in October 2012. DVD and Blu-ray. Which is much more appealing to you? Resident Evil: Damnation CGI or artificial Capcom Resident Evil: Retribution from Hollywood? and visit clash of clans hack online tool

Battlefield 4 Beta Ready Sign Masa?

Battlefield 3 weapons are EA to beat the dominance of Call of Duty from Activision have not managed to do a good job. With the distance of significant revenue figures, COD for the umpteenth time managed to dominate the market for FPS in the gaming industry. However, a definitive, EA managed to increase the popularity of this franchise unmatchable through a variety of features and quality that must be recognized, much better. To maintain the momentum of the “success” of this, EA even reportedly ready to test the latest series – Battlefield 4 beta period and visit dokkan battle astuce.


This information was leaked after the Origin – EA’s game distribution portal accidentally ran an interesting deals to pre-order the newest FPS game – Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled to be released later this year. Within these ads plastered with a clear bid to enjoy exclusive access to the Battlefield 4 Beta if you pre-order the MOH. The information is of course a direct spreading fast in cyberspace. EA panic, then pulled back ad Battlefield 4 and replaced with BF3 Premium.
With a valid source of information, from the hand of EA itself, no exaggeration to conclude that EA and DICE are now already developing Battlefield 4 and achieving progress that has been almost completed. No developer and publisher who would dare to let customers try out the beta period if the game is not worth playing at all. Seeing the existing cycle, most likely Battlefield 4 will be released in 2013. Battlefield 4? We are looking forward to the truth more Battlefield 2143

Activision Prepare FPS game Walking Dead

If we are talking about one franchise zombie apocalypse that is now becoming a trend, hence the name Walking Dead certainly deserve to get into one of them. But unlike the zombie-themed comics or movies in general, Walking Dead focuses more on the relationships and interactions of the human survivors compared to accentuate the action side alone. A characteristic that appears to be overhauled by Activision. Absolutely, this one veteran publisher plans to release the game Walking Dead FPS format in the future.


Was not Walking Dead is now adapted into a video game by Telltale? In contrast to the current series that focus more on the side of the story, Activision took Terminal Reality to bring the game Walking Dead that will carry the action which is more pronounced with a first person perspective. You will be given the freedom to choose between this zombie face openly or creep past them. But be careful, because they will be sensitive to light, sound, and smell of your body. Not only that, you will also be required to regulate the use of food, ammunition, and supplies are limited in order to survive.
An FPS game Zombie Apocalypse again? Can Walking Dead proved itself with quality above the average? We’ll wait.

Although the focus in the action, just like the film series The Walking Dead, Activision will also make the interaction between the characters as one of the pillars of this game. Throughout the game, you will meet with the characters for you recruit or ignore. Every choice you make will give significant consequences on the side of the story, which of course will be related to the probability you survive the “doomsday” on this one and get clash of clans hack android.

Walking Dead FPS version will be released for PC, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. We ourselves have not had time to enjoy the movie series, which reportedly is showing a decent quality for this anticipated. But with the growth of The Walking Dead as a franchise in the gaming world, we seem to have to try this one series. Are there any of you who have watched his movie series? Is it good or is it bad? Should we watch it?