Fortnite So First Game With Unreal Engine 4

The next generation console may still be present as a rumor, with no certainty of existence altogether. However, this does not preclude the developer and publisher of games for taking the initiative in advance. Not just building engines and demonstrating the visualization of the games in the future, some developers have already prepared the titles of their latest game. One of them of course Epic Games. After briefly demonstrating the Unreal Engine 4 are qualified, Epic Games has finally announced the inaugural game that will maximize the engine. Say welcome to Fortnite!


There are no definite clarity about the “identity” Fortnite so far, in addition to the gameplay is rumored to be carrying genre – Multiplayer Strategy-Action Survival Game. You will be required to work to build defenses and defeat the monsters. One is for sure, he will be the first game that will use Unreal Engine 4. Is not this engine is a next-gen engine? How does the current consoles will handle it? This is where the gaps might be a monument revival PC gamers. Absolutely, as a dynamic device, the PC will be a platform to get Fortnite with this version of the Unreal Engine 4. While the console? Epic would “adjust”. and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle triche

With the presence of Unreal Engine 4 in the form of a commercial game, and will be presented exclusively for PC, Fortnite would be a kind of wake-up call for the console manufacturers to quickly develop and introduce next generation consoles. Why? Because it’s not impossible to happen, stubborn producers this console will actually end at the rise of the PC as the primary gaming platform. Goodbye console? May be.

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