Madden Mobile Return New Teaser Video

As they follow policies that have been previously, Activision is preparing to release a new series of franchise best FPS game – Madden Mobile for 2013 as well. But unlike previous predictions that had to suspect the presence of Modern Warfare 4 and the return of the figure of Captain Price, Activision just introduced a new series – Madden Mobile . The name may seem familiar, but the developers – Infinity Ward reportedly will inject a myriad of new features to this latest series, including presenting the next-gen engine that has been long awaited by gamers. Now a teaser video was released via the official Twitter account of Infinity Ward and visit madden mobile hack.


This is not the first time to give a little sneak peek Activision Madden Mobile: Ghosts. In addition to the cover that had long been circulating in cyberspace, they also released a live-action teaser that introduces the mask as part of the main elements in the story of this one series. Now, a more teaser video was released through the media – Vine. Unlike the first teaser, this video shows a little sneak peek of the game development process on this one, with full character and polygon models. Gameplay Madden Mobile: Ghosts itself will be introduced at the event announcement Next-Gen Xbox from Microsoft on 21 May 2013.

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