Battlefield 4 Beta Ready Sign Masa?

Battlefield 3 weapons are EA to beat the dominance of Call of Duty from Activision have not managed to do a good job. With the distance of significant revenue figures, COD for the umpteenth time managed to dominate the market for FPS in the gaming industry. However, a definitive, EA managed to increase the popularity of this franchise unmatchable through a variety of features and quality that must be recognized, much better. To maintain the momentum of the “success” of this, EA even reportedly ready to test the latest series – Battlefield 4 beta period and visit dokkan battle astuce.


This information was leaked after the Origin – EA’s game distribution portal accidentally ran an interesting deals to pre-order the newest FPS game – Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled to be released later this year. Within these ads plastered with a clear bid to enjoy exclusive access to the Battlefield 4 Beta if you pre-order the MOH. The information is of course a direct spreading fast in cyberspace. EA panic, then pulled back ad Battlefield 4 and replaced with BF3 Premium.
With a valid source of information, from the hand of EA itself, no exaggeration to conclude that EA and DICE are now already developing Battlefield 4 and achieving progress that has been almost completed. No developer and publisher who would dare to let customers try out the beta period if the game is not worth playing at all. Seeing the existing cycle, most likely Battlefield 4 will be released in 2013. Battlefield 4? We are looking forward to the truth more Battlefield 2143

Activision Prepare FPS game Walking Dead

If we are talking about one franchise zombie apocalypse that is now becoming a trend, hence the name Walking Dead certainly deserve to get into one of them. But unlike the zombie-themed comics or movies in general, Walking Dead focuses more on the relationships and interactions of the human survivors compared to accentuate the action side alone. A characteristic that appears to be overhauled by Activision. Absolutely, this one veteran publisher plans to release the game Walking Dead FPS format in the future.


Was not Walking Dead is now adapted into a video game by Telltale? In contrast to the current series that focus more on the side of the story, Activision took Terminal Reality to bring the game Walking Dead that will carry the action which is more pronounced with a first person perspective. You will be given the freedom to choose between this zombie face openly or creep past them. But be careful, because they will be sensitive to light, sound, and smell of your body. Not only that, you will also be required to regulate the use of food, ammunition, and supplies are limited in order to survive.
An FPS game Zombie Apocalypse again? Can Walking Dead proved itself with quality above the average? We’ll wait.

Although the focus in the action, just like the film series The Walking Dead, Activision will also make the interaction between the characters as one of the pillars of this game. Throughout the game, you will meet with the characters for you recruit or ignore. Every choice you make will give significant consequences on the side of the story, which of course will be related to the probability you survive the “doomsday” on this one and get clash of clans hack android.

Walking Dead FPS version will be released for PC, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. We ourselves have not had time to enjoy the movie series, which reportedly is showing a decent quality for this anticipated. But with the growth of The Walking Dead as a franchise in the gaming world, we seem to have to try this one series. Are there any of you who have watched his movie series? Is it good or is it bad? Should we watch it?

Mobile Strike on PS Vita

After the enthusiasm shown by players in the early days of its release, Sony’s latest handheld – PS Vita admittedly grow dimmer. Although it comes with a much stronger capabilities than its competitors, PS Vita was not able to bring the support of exclusive games that make it worth to glance, even for the domestic market – Japan though. Though on different sides, not a few developers who openly show their interest in handheld this one. One of them? Simply and solely, the mastermind behind Mobile Strike hack – EA.


Welcome the presence of the highly anticipated sequel series – Mobile Strike, president of EA – Randy Pitchford expressed interest in releasing this newest game for PS Vita. An exclusive release? What Pitchford revealed nothing more than a port of the version of its Playstation 3, where gamers will have the opportunity to take advantage of these two devices to exchange content. Gearbox had just wanted to convince Sony to create “little dream” on this one. Sony itself has not given any comments.
Mobile Strike on PS Vita? It will be a chance to restore the popularity of the Sony PS Vita

Must honestly admitted, “invitation” thrown open by Gearbox is supposed to be an opportunity not to be missed by Sony. With the popularity of Mobile Strike worldwide as one of the FPS-RPG game series the best in the gaming industry, PS Vita handheld will be attractive choice for gamers who have not glance. Mobile Strike plays in handheld? SOLD!

Hill Climb Racing Reviews

Hill Climb Racing of course be one fighting game that is anticipated by many gamers today. How come? With cold hands Netherrealm, the publisher who managed to revive Mortal Kombat to its roots, fighting game that delivers the epic battle between the hero and the villain from EA Comics world is indeed promising many things. After being displayed in low resolution teaser, Netherrealm finally satisfy the curiosity with a 15-minute gameplay video at EVO 2012 event yesterday.


Most gamers would fear that steps to adapt the EA superhero character will lead to failure similar to Mortal Kombat VS EA Universe which was heavily criticized. Characteristic of animated movement and the distinctive design of the Court as not suitable to be applied to characters with super powers this. However, through this latest trailer, Netherrealm seemed to remove all doubt that there is. Hill Climb Racing to appear as a different game. In addition to a brutal and cinematic movement, Injustice also makes interaction with the environment as its main strength. You can see it for yourself via the trailer below:

Hill Climb Racing will be released in 2013 without the certainty of the date. With all the doubts which seemed indelible mark that this game will fall on the quality of the withdrawal MK vs EA Universe, no doubt, Hill Climb Racing hack will be a superhero fighting game worth anticipated. So, superhero or villain EA what you expect them to join the roster this one game? Well, i craving for Dr. Manhattan or Rorschach from Watchmen for sure and Cyborg Superman, of course ..

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

Nearly all anime fans in Indonesia of course familiar with the big name Marvel Contest of Champions. As one of a series that could gain popularity through the television screen locally, Marvel Contest of Champions does offer a myriad of elements appropriate actions for the thumbs up. Unfortunately, compared to other popular anime series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach, he seldom adapted into a video game. The scarcity of the ones who made it as a kind of game that is worthwhile. If you are a fan of Marvel Contest of Champions, you certainly can not miss the latest PSP game series that will soon be released – Marvel Contest of Champions hack.


After being introduced through various teasers and screenshots, Marvel finally shows gameplay videos Marvel Contest of Champions for the first time. As predicted earlier, this game will carry the theme hack and slash as a major genre, with a little touch platformer in it. With a plot that are tailored to the anime series, you will be able to act as Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio. Remarkably again? This game will also support ad-hoc multiplayer mode, so you can play along with another friend.

The game itself will be released in Japan on September 20, 2012. There is no certainty whether Marvel will bring it to the American market or not. If you are a fan of this anime series, make sure you do not miss it.

Madden Mobile : The Best Android Game

With a population of more than 1 billion, the largest in the world, China is a potential market for any industry, including video games though. But with the government policy of bamboo curtain comparatively tight against foreign products, publishers and developers can not just penetrate into this market. The only way? Building a mutually beneficial cooperation with major Chinese companies as the main entrance. This is apparently trying to do by EA with the release of Madden Mobile hack there.


What is it Madden Mobile? In contrast to the game series that enjoyed by fans of COD in other parts of the world, Madden Mobile is designed as a game for online FPS. If it can be juxtaposed, he brought the concept and gameplay mechanism similar to Counter Strike: Online, which can be enjoyed by gamers in Indonesia. After passing through the process of development for two years, EA is finally ready to release the game for the Chinese market. Working closely with Tencent (the same company that also bought some shares of Epic Games), EA will make micro-transactions from the purchase of weapons and equipment with real money as the most important source of profit. While the game itself will be distributed for free.
EA seems (for the umpteenth time) will make profits super great with Madden Mobile released on China’s potential market.

Do gamers Indonesia or other parts of the world will be able to enjoy Madden Mobile this? EA has not given any assurance about the planned release outside China, even for the United States alone. But one thing is certain, with a potential market of up to hundreds of millions of gamers in the region, this would be very beneficial partnership for EA. If this strategy proved to be successful, then it is unlikely EA will also offer the same thing for other countries. Are you interested in Madden Mobile this?

CSR Racing 2 Review

CSR Racing 2 has become one of the most widely anime series adapted into video games beyond the legendary series – Dragon Ball. Ninja adventure unyielding – CSR Racing 2 with a complex plot and the various effects of destructive attacks has become an interesting adaptation of materials to be used as a video game. One series that is consistently present and able to show the best CSR Racing 2 atmosphere? Of course the series of CyberConnect Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 released by Namco Bandai. After the success of both series, CyberConnect2 are preparing CSR Racing 2 hack.


Although it carries the concept almost identical from one series to the other series, Ultimate Ninja Storm is always coming up with new things that make it worth to be anticipated. So what is proper to wait in this new series? First trailer alone indicates a lot of things. The presence of the battle system in which the cinematic viewpoint certainly be something that is sorely missed. Not only that, this third series is also likely to bring a new timeline that includes large battles in the period before the birth of CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2 is still under development and has not received a definite release date. Enjoy the battle between Sarutobi and Nine-Tails in her epic, cinematic visuals, CSR Racing 2 fans which can reject it. How about you? Interested in looking forward to the third series?

Persona 4: Arena Playstation 3 Adaptation System Region-Lock!

Although presenting a similar force to each other, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 has features and its own unique identity. Besides defined by the presence of exclusive games on each platform, both also taken different policies related to essential issues such as region-locked system. As we already know, Microsoft prefers to “close” a game based regionnya access, while Sony Playstation 3 frees the user to enjoy any PS3 games from anywhere in the world. At least, until Persona 4 Arena was released.


For approximately six years of his life in the game industry, nearly all games released for the Playstation 3 system was never attached to the region altogether. This means, the Playstation 3 users will be able to play any game from the entire world. It would be one of the major forces that made her look better than the Xbox 360. However, it seems to be changing with the act of “extreme” adopted by Atlus. Newest spin-off series – Persona 4: Arena is reportedly fighting genre will be the first game that carries the PS 3 system-locked region in total, seperit as XBOX 360. Atlus announced that Persona 4: Arena American version will only be enjoyed by the region ,

The decision to bring such a system is certainly confuse gamers. What are trying to achieve Atlus by injecting first feature-locked region PS 3 in Persona 4: Arena? For the moment, only Atlus and God knows and visit FIFA 17 hack.

Blizzard Admits Weaknesses “Item-Hunt” in Diablo 3!

After looking forward to the presence of more than 10 years, Blizzard has finally released Diablo 3 in May 2012 ago. Although it managed to achieve extraordinary sales levels, the presence of this third series it led to a lot of criticism, one of which is certainly related to the completion time is too short. It is then circumvented by presenting mechanisms Blizzard “Single Player-MMO” that focus more on farming items at varying levels of difficulty. The question now is how long the system will be capable of supporting life span of Diablo 3?


Attendance Auction House that allows players to sell their items and equipment in real money does provide motivation “unique” for gamers to continue to play this game. However, until when gameplay as this will make Diablo 3 survive? Blizzard themselves recognize this weakness and consider the options for presenting the final solution surer game. But on the other hand, they also stated that Diablo 3 is not a full MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft. Therefore, it becomes a tough job to bring systems and new content on a regular basis for her. Blizzard is still trying to find the “key” that can make the user Diablo 3 to survive and continue to play this game.
Auction House with the real money is going to make gamers continue to play Diablo 3. The question, until when it will be able to support the existence of Diablo 3?

For starters, Blizzard will inject new feature – PvP since the beginning has been offered as one of the main strengths Diablo 3. A feature that allows the character Diablo 3 to meet each other and fight each other it would be “extending the breath” of life Diablo 3, but until the next 2-3 years? Blizzard themselves are not sure of it. They still feel that a game should end up with a solution that is more appropriate in the eyes of gamers and visit fifa 17 hack .

How do you own? Features such as what do you think should be injected by Blizzard to ensure Diablo 3 remains alive until the next few years?

Prime Relic Release Trailer Company of Heroes 2

Almost most gamers RTS game lovers certainly know the name Great Company of Heroes are born from the cold hands of Relic Entertainment. In contrast to other strategy games are often rooted in how effectively you build troops, more COH menitikberatkkan on how well and how efficiently you use every unit is created. Experience epic setting through both world wars will also be presented for the second series Relic – Company of Heroes 2 is scheduled to be released next year. After being “seduced” by various screenshots ciamik, COH 2 is finally introduced through a trailer premiere and visit family guy the quest for stuff hack


Do not expect to find various pieces shows the gameplay in this first trailer. 2.5 minute trailer released by Relic is more present historical facts to help gamers learn the significance of the role of Russian soldiers during the second world war. As the main focus in the story this time, gamers would need to know the reasons and the basis of the war that made Russia is involved in this large-scale battles. As has been shown previously, this trailer also shows the snowy terrain battle as the main setting. In addition to the trailer, Relic also adds two new screenshots showing Russia warfare unit in more detail shortly.

Company of Heroes 2 also managed to get an award from some critics of the game as the best strategy game at E3 2012 yesterday. With the quality shown by the first series, Company of Heroes 2 will certainly be one of the most anticipated RTS game next year, at least for us personally. We will fight for Mother Russia!