Rockstar Release Two New Screenshots of GTA V

Rockstar re-create the Grand Theft Auto fans curious released two new screenshots from the latest game in the series, GTA V. The two screenshots are displayed on one of the pages containing related Qn’A two sessions of their new game, Max Payne 3 and of course GTA V itself.

Two new screenshots Rockstar shown that it is not a lot to ask for information related to the new game Grand Theft Auto series which is currently located in the construction period. However, the two images can be a little illustrate two things that may be encountered in the game later, the ability to control the flying objects (like a helicopter) and also a variety of activities can be carried out on the lake in the game as it sits brooding (and may also fished).


In addition to these two screenshots, Rockstar seems to still keep closely related information that their new game. This they do to minimize the appearance of any information related to their new games. One thing is certain, this time they are striving to work on the game, and when they felt it was time to provide information related to the game, they will soon do so.

GTA V itself until today still has no definite release date. Some time ago, had circulated the news that the game will be released in October 2012. However, Rockstar itself has not confirmed the news related to the truth and visit .

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