Suicide Squad Reviews

In the early part explained that the plot synopsis of the film Suicide Squad will begin with gathering round the villain to be a team. They were then given the best weapons belonging to the government to undertake a dangerous rescue mission. I wonder what the mission will do, but certainly the expertise and capabilities of the villain will be used to the maximum.

Then at the end of the plot synopsis is no indication given to us, which is a fight back. The villain who previously united then realized he was appointed not to complete the task successfully but was directed to fail. That’s why the team is called watch Suicide Squad full movie , because basically this group was created as a suicide mission. They are aware it will respond to government action that has been gathered. Interesting to see how the response of the villain, because indirectly they seem to have turned into the protagonist in this story.
There are still many who have not been revealed in a synopsis of the Suicide Squad, especially the role of the Joker that is still mysterious. Let us wait for info and further development of this film.

Movie Cast and Crew Details Suicide Squad (2016)

Genre: Action
Director: David Ayer
Producers: Charles Roven, Richard Suckle
Screenwriter: David Ayer, Justin Marks
Players Film Suicide Squad:

Will Smith as (Floyd Lawton / Deadshot)
Jared Leto as (The Joker)
Margot Robbie as (Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel / Harley Quinn)
Jai Courtney as (Captain Boomerang)
Cara Delevingne as (Enchantress)
Viola Davis as (Amanda Waller)
Ben Affleck as (Bruce Wayne / Batman)

Prime Release Date: August 5, 2016
Production: Atlas Entertainment, DC Entertainment
Length Film: – Minutes
MPAA Rating: –

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