Various kinds of regular exercise to prevent erectile dysfunction

Various kinds of regular exercise to prevent erectile dysfunction?

It is inevitable that some specific kinds of sports have a direct effect on the improvement of erectile function of the penis. Penis to get an erection is the result of the collaboration of many systems of the body, hormones, and nerve. If one disturbance in the system then the look of a quality erection tidakkeras. So as to improve erection quality or cause disruption in the body system must be cured first.


The following describes four types of exercise to prevent erectile dysfunction, including the following.

1. Aerobic

Aerobic will nourish the cardiovascular system by making your heart stronger and the lungs become more efficient. Ever conducted a study using the IIEF, an international index of erectile function to calculate. A total of 385 men who participated in five studies showed positive results and increased quality of erections after aerobic exercise and visit  rock hard protocol review .

2. Pelvic floor exercises (Pelvic Muscle Exercises)

Generally pelvic muscle exercises performed by women to tighten the muscles around the vagina after childbirth. But a recent study says that this type of exercise is also beneficial for men who have problems de Ngan erection. Based on the results of the study group of researchers from the University of West of England, Bristol showed that the pelvic muscles will strengthen the muscles in the penis and cure erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, dribbing (urine dripping after urination).

3. Swim

Swimming involves many muscles of the body while swimming in the water. Hands, feet, muscles around the genitals will move very quickly. As a result, the heart will drain more blood and lungs become healthier. The water pressure when swimming will also help the body balance function so that the blood flow more smoothly. Generally after a swim, people will feel more refreshed.

4. Walk

Walking or jogging is a sport that is easy and inexpensive. Walking or jogging three kilometers every day can improve sexual performance including improved erectile function, especially in men who are obese. According to a study of men who rarely exercise can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by doing regular physical activity to burn at least 200 calories per day, one of the activities that fit is a quick walk for 3 kilometers. In this study also mentions exercise brisk walking useful for treating prostate cancer that usually occurs in older men.

That’s four kinds of sports diajurkan do to get excellent body health and to prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. To prevent and treat erectile dysfunction is also necessary to change your lifestyle and eating patterns become more healthy. Quit smoking, avoid stress, increase rest and regular exercise is the effective erectile dysfunction medication.

If there among you who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes, you can also do 4 kinds of sport above. Besides regular exercise you also need to make lifestyle changes and better attention to the intake of the foods you eat. in addition you can consume strong herbal medicine diabetic men KuatPria Pro to help overcome sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. KuatPria Pro is a powerful drug that can overcome diabetes male sexual problems such as impotence, impotence, decreased libido and decreased sperm counts of men because of diabetes.

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